De Filippama: De Filippo Meets Dalai Lama Spritual and Environmental Protection

On the occasion of Dalai Lama visit to Lucania (2012, June the 24th and 25th) Mr De Filippo, governor of Basilicata Region, sends a message of Peace to His Santity Tenzin Gyatso, meeting and sharing Ideas, Harmony and Environmental Protection.

Are we dealing with a religious transformation of Lucania Governor into De Filippama?

This message deals with the riot of Scanzano Jonico against nuclear slag depot shifting to City of Peace, Terzo Cavone and Sant’Arcangelo.

The focus of this message is concentrated in the next words:

“[…] the concept of Peace shows many similarities with the one Dalai Lama has been proposing over the years, prospecting a world in which all living species can live in harmony and where the environment could flourish. The inhabitants of this small Italian Region – small for  number of resident people, but large in its dimensions – concluded Mr De Filippo, know that they have to offer their own land ad their own hospitality in order to contribute to a cause of world importance, such as the one … City of Peace, and they know that  they have to protect this spot of world  by irreversible havocs […]” (

The  curious fact is that the person expressing these exact words is the one that:

is  ignoring a Public Referendum about Public Water Management, instead of the actual mixed Public-Private Management (SpA – Inc.), where generally as per Italian way managing, the revenues go into private pockets and the debts / personnel troubles are on public shoulders; any the case it is, the principle of a  Referendum Victory stating that Water ha to be totally Public cannot be disregarded anymore;

has  signed contracts with many Drilling Societies  – among which ex-State Oil Co. ENI, monopolizing huge acres of land, plus Shell, Total, and the strong interest of AleAnna, etc – that are working on Lucania land with an intense activity, leaving completely depressed a territory whose vocation are genuine agriculture and tourism incoming, incompatible with Oil&Gas Industry;

is  ignoring deep problems such as Municipal Waste Stock, leaving an Eco-Monster such as Fenice of the French EDF keeps on working unstopped in its action of garbage disposal through undifferentiated incineration, while there have occurred certified pollution perfusions for many acres around its plant, besides of having caused most probably ground water pollution; and Itlaian and Eu Acts are compulsory to a separate collection of rubbish, in order to recycle it and re-use through new industry production materials such as glass, plastics, paper, aluminium, compost for fertilization, etc;

is allowing that a State Search Lab as ENEA set in Rotondella keeps on having Plutonium and Uranium Bars under its depots, stocked on behalf of USA (Elk River, 1968; see website; allowing that is starting up projects on GMO; allowing that it is  going to start up a new Nuke Project to test Nuke Centrals of New Generation, masking it with the ITER  project by the means of FAST;

leaving that local RAI (Italian Broad Cast) and Unibas (University of Basilicata) put on a course focused on “environmental communication”, trying to train and/or create journalists and analysts writing, informing and casting by magazines, television, blogs, news on environmental situation of Lucania that, according to them, are distorted by “alarmed or alarming” people; they organized that leaving out citizens and enviromental associations, which are probably the only ones – such as OLA – spreading out info, news but most of all questions and demand on stops, solutions and Lucania territory protection and safe.

Those  are only some of the things are recently or less happening in Lucania allowed by its actual governor Mr De Filippo.

Can this man, that  for  Lucania People has  linked for ever his  name to Drilling Ind., speak of Environmental Protection?

Can this man who, together with a very large alliance of its  supporters and opponents, is not opposing any Act to Italian Government, Regional, Provincial and Local Authorities about above mentioned pollution emergencies?

Can this man, who is directly governing since 2005 and before has been Regional Board Member President during the period 2003-2005 -, while the cancer incidence in Lucania People is increasing day by day and not imposing to anybody involved in Health Care to list an exact number, its periodicity, area origins, besides of starting up a massive action of deep medical study on the causes  of those  numerous cancers?

Can Lucania People be obliged to have  those politicians governing, thanking Italian Vote and Governance System, and most of all, Italian Mandate Revocation lacking? Is it correct to deal with the introduction of Licensing and /or Revoke Mandate to avoid or stop  such disasters?

Definitively, can this man send a message of Peace and Environmental Protection to Dalai Lama, while its poltics acts and non-acts are taking Lucania on the verge of a social, economical and environmental slide?

As per democratic and freedom principles, it is  sure that  he can do everything in his power of Italian Free Citizen. But it is very singular that governing a Region full of environmental disasters and contradictions, of which above there have been listed only some examples, would not mean only to solve them, but most of all stop them and trying to act countermeasures to reduce and improve Health, Environment, Social and Economic Impacts and Care.

By this point of view, I would understand a man opening his own arms and soul and Lucania People ones to Dalai Lama, and speaking and feeling seriously the pulse for Peace, Harmony and Environmental Prtotection.

In that case there  would be our  De  Filippama.


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